李 硕

发表日期:2018-03-25 作者:管理员
1. Machine learning
2. Medical images analysis
3. Computer aided Diagnosis
Dr. Shuo Li is an associate professor in department of medical imaging and medical biophysics in the University of Western Ontario and scientist in Lawson Health Research Institute, Canada. Before this position he was research scientist and project manager in general electric (GE) healthcare, Canada for 9 years. He fund and direct the Digital Imaging Group of London ( since 2006, which is a very dynamic and highly multiple disciplinary collaboration group. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Concordia University 2006, where his PhD thesis won the doctoral prize giving to the most deserving graduating student in the faculty of engineering and computer science. He has published over 100 publications; He is the recipient of several GE internal awards; He serves as guest editors and associate editor in several prestigious journals in the field; He servers as program committee members in highly influential conferences; He is the editors of five springer books. His current interest is development intelligent analytic tools to help physicians and hospital administrative to handle the big medical data, centered with medical images.
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1.MICCAI Young Scientist Award 2017
2.Annual Award for Academic Excellence in Research, Department of Medical Imaging, Western University, 2017
3.Country Present Award, RSNA, 2014
4.Above & Beyond Award, GE, 2014
5.Above & Beyond Bronze Award, GE, 2012
6.Innovation award, GE, 2009
7.GE Hero award, GE, 2008
8.Management award, GE, 2008
9.Innovation award, GE, 2008
10.Doctoral prize, Concordia University, 2007
1. Discovery Grant/ Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), 2014/4-2019/3, principal investigator
2. IBM, 2013-2017, principal investigator
3. SOSCIP/Ontario Center of Excelenece, 2016-2019, principal investigator